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Although it may not seem to be related to the music and art of Ginamaría, we know and feel that she, in her ethereal presence and residing in our hearts, sings and yells out for the restoration of the environment, for the fight against hunger and poverty, and against disease and human brutality.

Many of her songs speak about not only love but of nature, of the need to be just and to feed - and help - the poor, so that they not be poor any longer. In this page we will add when and where appropriate direct links to literary and musical works by Ginamaría.

In life, Ginamaría gave many benefit recitals and concerts dedicated to charity, to the aid of others.

Wih this goal we introduce this new page to this site, with the sole objective of providing some tangible help. It is often only necessary for only one individual to take action, so as to in this way unleash throught that person a change that ends up having, like a huge chain, global repercussion.

We thank you for visiting this page! Please come back to it often in the near future.

SOS - Freedom For Youcef Nadarkhani!

September 27, 2011
Youcef Nadarkjani
A young christian

Youcef awaits in a prison cell in Iran for his fate, whether he lives or dies. As a tribunal in that country may order, at any moment, his execution. His crime, briefly, consists in following a faith different from islan.
Please sign the petition to the Government of Iran asking that it free Youcef. We have very little time left.

The petition is found on the site - the"web of the active citizen" (hazte oir means make yourself heard).

Thank you very much!

SOS - For the Dignity of People with Handicaps

N° Expte: 64/08 Con Media Sanción De Diputados
and the proposed modifications to the law under Docket No(s).:
2785-D-2009 and 503-D-09.

If we can gather one million signatures those persons with handicaps will be able to have access to all of the assistance they need to improve the quality of their present and future lives, without barriers or delays.

As it stands today the current handicapped law presents obstacles and ambiguities that must be urgently addressed and eliminated.

You can download here the Excel spreadsheet to gather signatures  (there are people who do not use Internet).

The signed spreadsheets must be sent through regular mail to:
Casilla de Correo 14 - Artigas 40 - (1406) Flores - Capital Federal

IMPORTANT: DO NOT put "TGD-PADRES" in the addresee field!! 
DO NOT put excel spreadsheets, etc. DO NOT ADD ANYTHING. 
Only the e-mail address(es).

You can also submit the information directly through this link.

Thank you very much!

SOS - Help for Chile

ALDEAS INFANTILES SOS, to donate or assist please call (011) 5352-2000 or send email to

CáRITAS ARGENTINA opened up the following bank account:
  DDA/Checking Account Banco Nación Nº 38632/92
  Plaza de Mayo Branch
  0085 CBU 01105995-20000038632921
  Under the name of Cáritas Argentina CUIT 30-51731290-4
  For more information call: (011) 4342-8650 / 7931 / 7936 extension 122

CRUZ ROJA ARGENTINA opened up the following bank account to receive donations:
  Av. Callao 101 C.A.B.A.
  CTA CTE Nº 92.959/64
  CBU Nº 01100129-20000092959646
  CUIT: 30-54603392-5

Other ways of donating:
  - Through any PAGO FÁCIL branch in Argentina
  - Through the WEB (
  - Through credit or debit cards by calling 0810-999-2222
For more information: (011) 4952-7200

HáBITAT FOR HUMANITY ARGENTINA supports the families affected by the Chilen earthquake.
To make donations do so through or by depositing to this bank account:   Banco Santander Río:
  Type of account: Special DDA/Checking.
  Branch No.: 084
  Account No.: 6573/5
  CBU: 0720084720000000657354
  For more information: (011) 4793-4384 or (011) 4792-2739

RED SOLIDARIA receives medicines (antifever, antinflamatories y antibiotics), diapers, blankets, coats and jackets, life with long shelf-life or in powder form, mineral water.

- San Carlos de Bariloche:
  Hospital Central, Calles Moreno y Goedecke.
  Radio Nacional, Avenida 12 de Octubre 2421
  Red Solidaria en Bariloche (02944) 44 2296 /
- Mendoza: Canal 7, Manuel Saez 2421 /
  Red Solidaria Mendoza (0261) 155416045 /
- Buenos Aires:
  Parroquia Santo Tomás Moro, Urquiza 1460 - Vicente López
  (from 10 am to 6 pm) / (011) 4791 5184
  Red Solidaria Buenos Aires (011) 4796 5828 /


January 29, 2010
Let’s collaborate with CARITAS.
The severe hit and devastation suffered by the people of Haiti in these hours - one of the poorest of the poor, has been terrible. That’s why we want to express both our solidarity and profound pain for tho who suffer the consequences of this tragedy, especially those who have lost their loved ones.

In the first incoming communications from Caritas Haiti, Jonides Villarson, emergency relief coordinator there, informed us that they are working in spite of the difficulties experienced on an on-going basis with the emergency teams on site and have been able to recently begin coordinating the much needed help initiatives there.

From Cáritas Argentina a bank account has been made available specifically for this goal with the intent that financial donations will facilitate the easy access and administration of funds right from the very location where the emergency assistance is being conducted:
Cuenta Corriente Banco Nación Nº 35869/51
Sucursal Plaza de Mayo 0085
CBU 01105995-20000035869519
To the name of: Cáritas Argentina Emergencia
CUIT 30-51731290-4

We ask María de Guadalupe, patron of our continent that it lavish its maternal love to all the families, men and women affected by this tragedy.

January 17, 2010
The following sites receive donations in cash and other tender:
  • Direct Relief
  • Yele Haiti
  • Partners in Health
  • Red Cross
  • World Food Program
  • Mercy Corps (1-888-256-1900)
  • Save the Children
  • Lambi Fund
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • The International Rescue Committee
  • Care

  • These are some of the local communication sites in Haiti:
  • TNH
  • Le Nouvelliste
  • Radio Metropole Haiti
  • Radio Galaxie
  • Radio Ginen

  • Important Note Regarding Missing Children

    We recently received, attached to the message with information over the disappearance of Mara Alejandra, a note we believe deserves to be disseminated, written by attorney Jorge Nelson Poma.

    One more victim of the perverse system involving the treatment of persons:
    It is no longer an issue of thinking ". . . this is not going to happen to me . . ." it is everyone's problem and it is going to get a lot worse if the chain is not definitively severed . . . let's take care of our children and grandchildren. . . they are in danger. I think she is number 543 (I am keeping count but I do not know if this is the exact figure as somebody could have reappeared without us knowing about it), disappareances conducted in (the reign of) full democracy and, to my understanding, the public officials in charge do not do enough (to stop it) . . . they let injustice be in charge . . . that's when drugs enter in . . . the prostitution rings . . . the organ transplants . . . it deals with people in general that enter into your country . . . the good people that are inactive cease to be good people because they let the evil happen . . . (how) lamentable.

    Lic. Jorge Nelsom Poma -
    Avenida Alem 5290, Posadas, Misiones, Rep. Argentina
    Tel: 054-03752-465881

    Aid Campaign for the afflicted by the earthquake in Peru

    August 16, 2007 - AICA
    Cáritas Argentina has opened a bank account with the goal to raise funds destined to aid those afflicted by the recent earthquake in Peru. Your donations are welcome depositing them into the designated bank account at the Argentine National Bank (Banco de la Nación Argentina), Plaza de Mayo branch, account number 38632/92, in the name of Cáritas Argentina; CBU 01105995-20000038632921 - donaciones para Perú.
      "The hit suffered by the peruvian people at this time has been terrible. For this reason we want to express our solidarity and our deep sorrow for those who are suffering the consequences of this tragecy, and especially to those who have lost their beloved", said the bishop of Merlo-Moreno, monseñor Fernando M. Bargalló, president of Cáritas Argentina and of Cáritas in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    Monseñor Bargalló added: "We also want to express our closeness to the peruvian community that lives in Argentina and to unite in prayer so that the Lord accompany Cáritas Perú in its mission throughout the areas most affected areasdas by the earthquake".

         For more informatopn: Balcarce 236 (1064), Buenos Aires; telefax: (011) 4342-8650 / 7931 / 7936 int. 122;;

    Assistance For the Homeless in the City Streets of Buenos Aires

    May 24, 2007 - Government of the City of Buenos Aires
    has asked us to disseminate the following information:

    Winter is arriving. When you see people outdoors, please call this toll-free number and they will be picked up, bathed, given food and a clean bed.
        Government of the City of Buenos Aires
        Social Needs - Extension 108
        Shelter: PASEO COLÓN 1366

    Medicine - Free Oncological Medicines

    April 30, 2007 - Argentine Association of Hospital Pharmacists
    has asked us to disseminate the following information:

    The Hospital Posadas has received a donation consisting of approximately:

  • one-hundred thousand tablets of Cyclobenzaprine ClH
  • one-hundred thousand tablets of Citalopram, 40 mg
  • one-hundred thousand tablets of Citalopram, 20 mg

  •       These products EXPIRE IN OCTOBER, 2007!!!
          We are seeking those who can take advantage of this and take them.


    The Global Environment

    June 5, 2006 - World Day of the Environment

      - Secretariat of the Environment & Sustainable Development
          Ministery of Health and the Environment (Argentina)

      - Global Warming and Its Effects in Paraguay (*)
          National University of Asunción - Faculty of Engineering
          (* Although this title mentions Paraguay, the information given includes
            in its scope Argentina, South America and the entire world)

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