Celebration in Las Peñas

In her remembrance, a monument will be built
in Las Peñas

Front of the Official Invitation from the Mayor of Las Peñas, Province of Córdoba.

  • Cronology of the Act of Dedication.
  • List of Contributors of the Mausoleum.
  • Read the Press Release submitted from Madrid, Spain, on May 26, 2004, for more information.
  • Note published by La Mañana de Córdoba on April 29, 2004.

    Just like Villa de María del Río Seco gives its homage to Leopoldo Lugones, Villa del Totoral to Octavio Pinto and Ischilín to Fernando Fader, a community in Córdoba called Las Peñas, located in the county of Totoral, will give its acknowldgement, in a very special way, to the lyrical singer, Ginamaría Hidalgo, who is not only associated with cultural and artistic excellence but also with her social contribution.

    In this tucked away community, Ginamaría Hidalgo was godmother of the private middle school, John F. Kennedy. To support this educational institution she organized and executed a performance benefiting the Club Social de Las Peñas (the social club of Las Peñas). This memorable event has remained present in the inhabitants of the entire region, who as a result, gave her the role as one of their major benefactors.

    It is from this event, that after the death of this artist, who from a young age was successful in both the national and international stage with her beautiful voice and quality of interpretive expression, from Las Peñas came to life the initiative of remembering Ginamaría Hidalgo, through an important monument to be erected in the Plaza Leopoldo Lugones in front of the building of the aforementioned school.

    It is important to note that inside the monument an urn will be kept with part of her ashes, donated especially by her family to the Town of Las Peñas in recognition of the affection that Ginamaría Hidalgo had for its people.

    This monument will be approximately 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide and 6 feet deep, finished in black granite, indigenous of the area. In addition, in the front will be placed an engraved plaque with embossed inscriptions. In the interior and towards the front the urn will be placed. Lastly, a column inside the monument will support a winged, angelic figure which will be placed at the top of the monument, giving the entire piece a height of approximately 18 feet.

    It should be noted that this piece is being sculpted by Enrique Lopez and it will be inaugurated this coming June 25, 2004.

    In her honor, the promoters of this monument, and particularly the educational community of the Centro Privado de Nivel Medio John F. Kennedy have also planned the creation of a national annual “Ginamaría Hidalgo” Competition at the middle school level, which will consist of competitive academic events related to literature, poetry, music, singing and liberal arts - as well as other works, all designed around the promotion of social and human rights.

    In this manner, Las Peñas will honor with deep feeling Ginamaría Hidalgo, this extraordinary artist that, with her personal style, trascended the frontiers of her own country.

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