Cronology and Official Protocol

Inauguration of the MAUSOLEUM
in the town of Las Peñas,
Córdoba, Argentine Republic
June 25, 2004

· Formation of the Schools' alumni and flag bearers.
· Police formation.
· Gaucho formation.
· Presentation of ceremonial flags.
· Argentine national anthem.
· Unveiling of plaque featuring rostrum in reliéve of Ginamaría Hidalgo by Mr. Alberto Hidalgo, brother of Ginamaría, and the mayor of Las Peñas, Mr. Giovanetti.
· Blessing of the urn with the ashes, and monument, by Monsigneur Aurelio Khün, and words celebrating the merits of Ginamaría Hidalgo.
· Floral offering by the studentes of the school J.F. Kennedy.
· Camila Isabel Curleto and Hans Vandebrawer, Institute CBU, School J.F. Kennedy.
· Floral offering by Mrs. Haydee de Ambrossino.
· Presentation of the work and general principles of its purpose by the Secreatry of Culture, Press and Media of the Municiplaity of Las Peñas, Mr. Daniel Mansilla.
· Musical backdrop: songs of Ginamaría Hidalgo (playback only)
· Words by the Mayor, Mr. Ricardo Hugo Giovanetti.
· Presentation given by Ginamaría's brother, Mr. Alberto Hidalgo.
· Musical backdrop: songs of Ginamaría Hidalgo (playback only)
· Presentation by Daughter of the Heart, Ms. María Elena García Giraldo (words of gratidude).
· Presentation by Daughter of the Heart, Dr. Alejandra Fumagalli (words of gratitude and rememberance).
· Musical backdrop: songs of Ginamaría Hidalgo (playback only)
· Presentation of Ms. Silvia Rodríguez Curti, in her role as initiator of the Mausoleum project. Words of remembrance for the figure of Ginamaría Hidalgo, her values and perpetual life and presence.
· Reading of poems received from Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., by Ginamaría's son, Mr. Jan Paul von Wendt and her 11 year old grandson, Elliott William von Wendt.
· Musical backdrop: songs of Ginamaría Hidalgo (playback only)
· Reading of fax sent by the Ministery of Education, extending the godmothership of Ginamaría Hidalgo to the entire school J.F. Kennedy (including the elementary school).
· Delivery of the urn containing the ashes of Ginamaría Hidalgo to the mayor by Mr. Alberto Hidalgo.
· Placement of the urn in the interior of the Mausoleum by Ms. Silvia Rodríguez Curti, accompanied by Dr. Alejandra Fumagalli and Ms. María Elena García.
· Musical work Ave María performed by Susana Pucher, cantante Lírica.
· Delivery by Dr. Nouzeret, regional legislator, to Ms. Silvia Rodríguez Curti of a conmemorative, wooden model plaque, of the Mausoleum.
· Elementary students of the J.F. Kennedy school sing a song sung by their godmother, Ginamaría Hidalgo, in her honor.
· Words of appreciation and gratitude, plus announcement of the second phase of the overall project, consisting of Contests and Awards Ginamaría Hidalgo by Ms. Silvia Rodríguez Curti.
· Closing summary of the event and the public commitment to complete the objectives in charge by the Secretary of Culture, Press and Media of the Municipality of Las Peñas, Mr. Daniel Mansilla.
· Close of the Act.
· Withdrawal of the ceremonial flags.
· Invitation to refreshments and the photo exhibit installed in the Municipal Library where photographs will be shown of both the recital given by Ginamaría Hidalgo in Las Peñas, plus artistic shots of the north of Cordoba by Mrs. Mercedes S. Martín, Mr. Omar Cejas and Mr. Carlos Carmona.

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