Celebration in Las Peñas
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The Homage - June 25, 2004
Photography: Miguel Perez, Mercedes S.Martín and Omar Cejas
(Last Update: August 23, 2004)

The director of cultural
affairs, Daniel Masilla,
gives the welcome to the flags that surrounded the homage.
Ginamaría's brother,
Alberto Hidalgo ("Tío Beto") together with the children presenting a floral offering to Ginamaría.
The mayor holding the ashes in his hands. Later he proceeds to deposit them in the monument. Beto, accompanied by Silvia Rodriguez Curti, Alejandra Fumagalli and María Elena García, three close friends of the family who gave all their love and support. The students giving their
floral offering. Tio Beto is visible to the right.
The Bishop of Dean Funes,
(Jesuit), blessing
the monument and ashes.
Floral offering by Mrs. Haydeé de Ambrosino, who along with her family hosted Ginamaría at her home in 1999, during the benefit concert she staged in the town, and her appointment as godmother of the school. The monument before uncovering the conmemorative plaque. The uncovering of the monument's plaque by Beto and the mayor, showing the face of Ginamaría.
The sixth grade students and their teacher, performing in front of the monument. The Bishop seen blessing the ashes just before they are placed inside the mausoleum. Tio Beto is right next to him. The sixth grade students can be seen in the background. María Elena addresses all those present at the event. Silvia receiving the wooden replica of the Mausoleum; to the left is legislator Carlos María Nouzeret and to the right, Daniel Mansilla, the m.c. of the event.
Silvia depositing the urm with the ashes inside the mauseleum. Mr. Paulino Molina, one of the first supporters of the homage and the mausoleum. María Elena, Alejandra, Mirtha Pisanni and legislator Nouzeret. Ex-Legislator Penna and his wife, Mercedes Martín de Penna. Among them, Eduardo Arce, the sound engineer of the event.

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