Celebration in Las Peñas
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The Monument
Photographs: Miguel Perez, Mercedes S.Martín and Omar Cejas
(Last update: September 6, 2004)

Frontal view of the monument during a splendid sunny day. Conceptual sketch of the monument and its Mausoleum. Sculptor Enrique López fully engaged in his work. The monument during its construction.
Another conceptual sketch. Diagram of the monument and Mausoleum, showing the location of the urn inside the pedestal. The workers mounting the angel to its pedestal. The workers during the last stages of construction.
The floral offerings placed at the foot of the monument by the students of the school and Mrs. Señora Haydee de Ambrosino. The plaque and its text, written by the sculptor Enrique López. The monument, seen
iluminated at night.
The posterior plaque of the monument.

Documents & Press

First page of the request to the President of the Cultural Agency of Cordoba, Pablo Canedo, by Carlos Maria Nouzeret, provincial Legislator. Second page of the request of legislator Nouzeret to Mr. Canedo. Response (first page) by Mr. Canedo to Legislator Nouzeret.
On-line press article by the newspaper La Mañana de Córdoba, April 29, 2004. On-line press article by the newspaper
La Nación, June 29, 2004.
Press article from the newspaper El Totoral,
June 28, 2004.
Press article from the newspaper El Plata,
June 29, 2004.

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