Celebration in Las Peñas
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Ginamaría at Las Peñas in 1999
Photographs: Miguel Perez, Mercedes Martín de Penna and Omar Cejas
(Last update: September 29, 2004)

Paying her respects to Don Atahualpa Yupanki and his remains. At the official press conference organized shortly after her arrival. Ginamaría singing a capella for a live radio show as the press conference was under way. Listening attentively during the press conference.
Right when her concert is about to start. Signing her name at the school's Honorary Guest Book. With two students on stage during the night of her concert. Giovanetti presenting Ginamaría with the document naming her Godmother of the middle school John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Mercedes Martín de Penna giving Ginamaría sweets and other regional items as gifts. Olga Rossi, Director of the CBU of the J.F. Kennedy School in Las Peñas. Olga personally received innumerables and valuable objects donated by Ginamaría Hidalgo for the School, delivered by Mr. Pedro Ambrossino. Olga Rossi together with Ginamaría. Ginamaría, accompanied by her friend Pedro Ambrossino in the Cerro Colorado.
Ginamaría, Pedro and Silvia at the Cordoba Airport waiting to travel to Buenos Aires. Pedro Ambrossino helping Ginamaría in a gallant gesture.

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