In addition to the expression of my soul through my voice, the written word in the form of poetry and prose is one of my greatest passions. I will be adding samples of these works here in the weeks and months to come. They will be posted initially in their original language - Spanish, with translations to follow.

¡Salvala! (Save Her!)
(Save Her!) [translated into English]

A complete poem written by Ginamaria during her stay in the city of New York, in 1976... while she lived through a moment of great reflection over her own future and her country, and of the great political and socio-economical changes being suffered by Argentina at the time. Particularly we are moved when reading one phrase of this poem, where it says:

      "The pride of feeling
      That I do not want to lose you
(to gain this feeling) I will have to die"

El Otoño
(The Autumn) [translated into English]

Fragment of work written to her friend Noemi Ruiz in Puerto Rico, while Ginamaría lived with her son and his family in Boston, during one of her last autumns living in that city and New England, both famous for their colorful and beautiful fall season. Newton, Massachusetts, May 20, 2000.

El Amor Verdadero - Nuestro Eventual Destino
(True Love - Our Eventual Destiny)

Prose that reflects over the mission of Love (in uppercase) in the life of the human being, and his destiny. Buenos Aires, November 8, 2002.

Don José de San Martín - Nuestro Regreso
(Don José de San Martín - Our Return)

Created for the Celebration of the anniversary of San Martín's death - the founder of the Argentine Nation, celebrated by Sociedad Argentina De Escritores, SADE, on August 17, 2002.

¡Graciás Mamá!

Poem dedicated to Ginamaria's mother, Maria Saucedo de Hidalgo. Written by Ginamaria at Buenos Aires, on July 22, 1999.

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