In her Living Memory
In Suus Vivus Memoriae
(February 10, 2012)

In remembrance -
of Boston
In remembrance -
of Mary
Mass and event at the Museum of Fine Arts -
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mass in Memory of Ginamaria
at the Parrish of Our Lady of the Rosary - La Barra, Maldonado, Uruguay
In remembrance - Priests of the
Sacred Heart - Wisconsin, USA
In remembrance -        Sketch of Monument
Perpetual Mass            and Masoleum at
Association -              Las Peñas, Córdoba
The Servants of Mary

Arbol en su Memoria The Tree & the Star Roberto Antonio Islas
January 23, 2009
Dream in her Memory Dream of Heaven with Ginamaría Hidalgo Roberto Antonio Islas
December 27, 2008
Convocational page towards the Mass in Her Memory, February, 2007 Mass at the Parrish of
Our Lady of the Candelarium
Punta del Este, Uruguay
February 25, 2007
List of the masses in her memory conducted on February, 2006 Masses in Her Memory Argentina, Uruguay, United States
February 9-12, 2006
Page in convocation of the Mass held in Her Memory, February, 2006 Mass at the Parish of
Our Lady of Czestochowa
Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 11, 2006
New Poem in Her Memory on her Birthday, 2005 My Dream of Love Diego Pinilla Arango
August 23, 2005
Poem in her Memory Ginamaria Hidalgo, Woman and Poet Diego Pinilla Arango
February 10, 2005
Prose in her Memory On the First Anniversary of the Dissappearance of Ginamaría Hidalgo
El Rinconcíto De Romeo,
February 10, 2005
Poem and Graphic Art in her Memory May You Shine Eternally in Heaven Diego Pinilla Arango
December 29, 2004
Poem in her Memory My Mother - Our Mother Jan Paul von Wendt,
Newton, Massachusetts,
June 25, 2004
Poem in her Memory I Will Always Remember Elliott William von Wendt,
Newton, Massachusetts,
June 25, 2004
Link of Interest A Living Memorial in
Living memorial hosted by
Poem in her Memory Farewell Friend, Farewell Diego Pinilla Arango
Poem in her Memory Soul and Song of Ginamaría Osvaldo Maciel
Poem in her Memory I Will Sing Forever Gustavo Daniel Casse
Event in Her Memory Remembering Her At The Rinconcito El Rinconcito De Romeo, April 6, 2004
Event in Her Memory Masoleum To Be Erected in Las Peñas Province of Córdoba, Argentina, June 25, 2004
Evento Conmemorativo A Prayer for Ginamaría Silvia Rodriguez Curti, Madrid, Feburary 14, 2004

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