My Mother - Maria Saucedo de Hidalgo (1900-1984)

July 22 is my sweet mother's birthday. Here we pay a small but heartfelt tribute to this exceptional and loving woman, who cared for five siblings for most of their lives as a single parent, after her husband died a tragic death due to a medical misdiagnosis. Maria Saucedo de Hidalgo, you are loved and remembered every day. Grácias Mamá (thank you, Mom) for your gift of tender love, sustain, appreciation, support and life! Thank you for the loving memories. We will never forget you.
                                           Ginamaria Hidalgo, Buenos Aires, 2003

Listen to a historical fragment of the television show Argentinisima broadcast live, on July 22, 1984, with Ginamaria and Maria Saucedo. Julio Marbiz is the announcer. Hugo Videla accompanies on his guitar.

Ginamaria and Mom,
Maria Saucedo

Maria Saucedo (lower row, middle), with her
five children, from left to right,
and top to bottom:
Alberto (Beto), Marta, Eladio (Lalo),
Elsa (Michu) and Virginia (Ginamaría).

Albun dedicated to Maria Saucedo
Romance Para La Madre Y El Niño
1975 MICROFÓN (Argentina)

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