Homage to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

We have the great pleasure in sharing with our beloved visitors of Ginamarķa on the Internet, five complete MP3 Spirituals, sang by her at the Jolly Hotel Diodoro of the city of Taormina, Italy, in 1967.

MP3 'Ciudad Hermosa' Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
MP3 'Ciudad Hermosa' I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
MP3 'What A Beautiful City' What A Beautiful City
MP3 'Walk All Over God's Heaven' (I'm Gonna) Walk All Over God's Heaven
MP3 'Hallelujah' Hallelujah

Of all the quotes said by Dr. King, there is one in particular that perhaps like no other matches the essence of the message and philosophy of Ginamarķa:

 Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
 only light can do that.
 Hate cannot drive out hate;
 only love can do that.

          Martin Luther King, Jr.


Ginamarķa in her recital at the Cultural Hall in Taormina, Italy - 1967

Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was young man

In this day, we celebrate and remember the life of Dr. King, and of his great contributions to humanity, just like Ginamaria would be doing, in life.

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