Christmas, 2005       

Homage to the universal peace, love and compassion of the Season

Click here to visit this page  Silent Night (Stille Nacht)
    Lyrics by Father Joseph Mohr and music by Professor Franz Xaver Gruber.

Click here to hear this song  Señora del Cielo
    Traditional Christmas devotional song, dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and her devout followers.

Click here to hear this song  Angelito de mi Guarda
    Traditional Christmas tune of the interior of Argentina, expressing a young child's love for this hard-working father.

Click here to hear this song  El Nocherito
    Altiplano (northern Andean region of Argentina and Bolivia) Christmas Carol, devoted to the Nightime angel that guards over all the children of the villages.

Ángela María - drawn by Isabella Rose, Ginamaría's granddaughter, together with her mom, Lisa Ann.

Pulse aquí para escuchar a esta canción  En Un Burrito Orejón
    Tender villancico by Victor Schlichter and Cátulo Castillo.


   Nativity Scene, from the site


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"We can do no
great things.
Only small things,
with great love."

Mother Teresa