Christmas, 2006       

Homage to the universal peace, love and compassion of the Season


La Pastorcita del Valle
    Tender Christmas zamba written by María Antonia Barros and Juan Benítez Barrios.

Vitreau of the Virgin Shepardress from the Spanish Isle of Saint Fernard

It is with great pleasure that we share with our dear visitors the following 3 tracks, homemade recordings made during the Christmas Eve of 1983, when Ginamaría spent Christmas with her mother, María Saucedo de Hidalgo, in the town of La Cruz, situated in the province of Corrientes, Argentina. The television's loudspeaker brings us these special moments during the broadcast of El Candilejas Show.

Note: We have tried to improve the sound quality of these tracks as much as possible, without "flattening" too much their higher (treble) frequencies.

Click here to hear this song  En Un Burrito Orejón
    Tender villancico by Victor Schlichter and Cátulo Castillo.

Click here to hear this song  Canción Para Creer
    A favorite balad of Ginamaría due to its theme of song and giving, written by Roberto Palmer and Pocha Barros.

Click here to hear this song  Amar Amando
    Probably the most clamored for song by the public, the song that made her famous on a grand scale, is reproduced here in its entirety. The author is Horacio Guarany.

Christmas, 2005

For your convenience and delight we repeat below the list of songs introduced last year.

Click here to visit this page  Silent Night (Stille Nacht)
    Lyrics by Father Joseph Mohr and music by Professor Franz Xaver Gruber.

Click here to hear this song  Señora del Cielo
    Traditional Christmas devotional song, dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe and her devout followers.

Click here to hear this song  Angelito de mi Guarda
    Traditional Christmas tune of the interior of Argentina, expressing a young child's love for this hard-working father.

Click here to hear this song  El Nocherito
    Altiplano (northern Andean region of Argentina and Bolivia) Christmas Carol, devoted to the Nightime angel that guards over all the children of the villages.

Click here to hear this song  En Un Burrito Orejón
    Tender villancico by Victor Schlichter and Cátulo Castillo.


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